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TUMBLR ISNT WORKING PROPERLY FOR ME. I guess this just means I will take a break, I’m not sure how long I will be gone for ( could be a couple days maybe a few weeks) but if you need me, want to talk, or just stay in touch you can follow me on twitter, Instagram, facebook or even text or email me. I’ve messaged those who wanted to buy tickets from me but I’m not sure if they went through or not? If not please get ahold of me because I will still sell you the tickets at face value.

I’m SUPER STOKED about seeing the guys in a couple weeks, I’ve seen them once before but it doesn’t seem like it. I get really excited over music.

As far as the stormer fandom goes I tried to go like all over your selfies and if I missed some I apologize. You are all gorgeous, and beautiful beings. Anons be a little nicer to people. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be nice.

If I have messages you to ask what show you are attending please don’t be alarmed. I’m gathering private gig and meet n greet contest and sending it to you because I just want everyone here to have the chance to see them. :)