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You don’t care

But last night I saw Ed sheeran at the Palace. It was amazing! Had so much fun with my friends. Quite a few people took videos of my friends and I. Rudimental was awesome. Ed was awesome. Before the show started I even bought people at the barricade water and passed it out. They looked like they were dying. Rudimental is coming back though so that makes me beyond excited. ;). Can’t wait for bastille in Minnesota and Michigan next month!!





My mom and sister are too good. They bought me tickets and skip the line passes just incase I want to see the 1975 later this year in Detroit. If I go at least I don’t have to wait all day for a good spot.

HEY IM GOING but how do u get skip the line passes?

There are such thing as a skip-the-line pass?

I’m curious because I want to get tickets to their show in Milwaukee. I assume it’s a venue related thing?

It all depends on the venue. If your venue is owned by livenation (HOB/fillmore) chances are there is a skip the line pass. It cost like 10 dollars but saves you from waiting hours in the line. I would suggest anyone interested in it to look at the venues website to see if they list anything about it or just call the venue itself and see if that is something they offer. Some venues don’t offer a cut the line pass but do a number system where you get there early they give you a piece of paper numbered 1-300 and you can leave to do whatever you want and get back in line closer to the show.